If you are starting a new chapter of your life with a new spouse, there might be kids involved on both sides. Moving in together can be exciting, but also can cause some stress for everyone involved, especially if this will be a long distance move. Being organized and sensitive to the situation are both necessary. Here are four tips to manage a move for a newly blended family.

1. Schedule Two Separate Move Days

Moving one household can be a tough job, but assimilating two families can be even more overwhelming. It might be a good idea to schedule each home's move in on different days if long distance moving will be required. This way, all family members can help, and kids can work together on every aspect of the move. Having family members available will help you to avoid confusion, chaos, and even set up your family's new home over the course of two days.

2. Bring the Kids Over Ahead of Time

It can be a scary thing for kids that don't know each other that well to move into a new home together. Get everyone together and set up a visit to see the new home before the move. This will take out the mystery and make this new journey feel real before the move even happens. If your new property is too far or inaccessible for a visit before a long distance move, be sure to sit everyone down with photos or a video so kids know what to expect.

3. Get a Gift for Your New Home

Moving two families in together might not be something that your kids are 100% on board with. It is up to you as their parent to try to lower stress levels and make this fun. A gift for the family to enjoy in the new home together can help ease some of the tension. Whether this is a puppy or a TV, the promise something fun can give kids something to look forward to.

4. Encourage Mementos

If your children have lost or don't see their other parent often, encourage them to keep up photos or memories. They might mistakenly not want to hurt their new stepparent with these items, so talk with them so that they know this is okay.

Blended families aren't uncommon, but the process of moving in together under one roof can set the tone for your family's new life together. Try to make your upcoming move as efficient as possible, while keeping the needs and feelings of your kids in mind throughout the process. For more information, contact a moving company, such as Men On The Move.