People often assume that moving across town is nothing compared to moving out of state. In some respects, they are right. However, you still need to pack all of your belongings, get them into a moving truck, and unload them again at your new home. As such, it is still often easiest to hire a moving company instead of doing all of this work yourself. If you do decide to hire local movers, make sure you don't skip these steps throughout the process.

Get an on-site estimate.

When you're only moving across town, moving companies are often willing to give you a quote over the phone. But you should still insist on an on-site estimate, if possible. This allows the movers to more accurately assess how much stuff you have and how long it will take them to load and unload it all. Your estimate will be more accurate if performed on-site rather than over the phone.

Ask for references.

Most moving companies post testimonials on their website. If you can't find any, then ask them for references. Since these people will likely be local to you, don't hesitate to contact them and ask how their moving experience went. Of course, if the company you're hiring was recommended by a friend or family member already, you can skip this step.

Don't skip insurance.

You might assume that because your items are only being moved a short distance, the risk of anything happening to them is small. But accidents can still happen, even when your items are only driven a few miles down the road. Make sure the moving company you hire has insurance. If they offer optional insurance, it is worth paying for. The fee is usually pretty small, and if something valuable is damaged, you'll be glad you don't have to replace it.

Stay out of the way.

When you're moving locally, it's easy to be around when the movers are working. It's not a bad idea to be around in case they have questions. But make sure you also give them enough space to do their jobs. If you're paying them to move you, then you do not have to help, and often it just interferes with their process if you do help.

Local moving is, in many ways, easier than moving a long distance. Just make sure you follow the tips above as you navigate this life change.