As the owner of a piano, you are undoubtedly aware of both its value and its weight. Therefore, even if you are moving most or all of your other possessions, it is a good idea to hire a professional to move your piano. Since pianos are typically heavy and expensive, it will be helpful to use the following ideas to help you find the best professional movers for your piano.

#1-Be Clear As To The Type and Size Of Piano That You Have

Whether you own the smallest of pianos, the spinet at only about three feet tall, or the largest which is the concert grand at approximately nine feet long, you will need to know its specific information. It makes sense that knowing its type will allow the movers to plan for its transportation. It is also important to note that professional movers usually have access to tools like a piano board that make moving it easier. Therefore, knowing its type and size, which is something like a sub-type, is equally necessary.     

#2-Remember That You May Be Charged For Each Stair That The Piano Must Be Moved Up Or Down 

One unusual aspect associated with moving a piano is that many moving companies charge per stair for their services. The fees accrue whether it is going up or down stairs and therefore you should verify that you have counted the stairs that will need to be traversed. In addition, you may also be charged for a landing area, if it is present between your stairs.

Alternatively, there may be a pre-determined charge per each flight of stairs.  Narrow, winding or other unusual steps may require additional discussion or charges, so it will be helpful to have photos of the stairs in question..

#3-Verify The Amount Of Insurance That The Company Provides 

If your piano has been in the family for a while or you are not the person who plays it, you may be surprised to know its full value. For example, the value of your piano will depend on the type of wood it is made from, how often it has been tuned and used, any mechanical issues and if it has ever been re-built. As a result, it is important to be aware of the value of your piano, so that you can be sure that the amount of insurance provided by the company for your piano would pay for the full replacement or repair cost. 

In conclusion, moving a heavy and valuable item like your piano can be challenging in many ways. Therefore, it is best to hire an experienced, insured and capable moving company to safeguard and transport your valuable item by using the above information. To see about moving your piano, contact Johnson Piano Moving or other piano movers in your area.