Hiring a moving service to take care of the heavy lifting on your upcoming local move can make the day's proceedings run smoothly. Even as your mind is occupied with taking care of the small details surrounding the move, it's worthwhile to give some thought to the practice of tipping the moving crew. Brushing up on some tipping-related conventions in anticipation of your move can help you avoid any potentially awkward situations and ensure that not only do you have cash on hand, but that you also have enough to tip each mover adequately. Here are three things to keep in mind about tipping your movers.

It's Useful To Confirm The Company's Tipping Policy In Advance

While tipping is common in the moving industry, some companies prohibit their employees from accepting tips. To reduce the risk of offering a tip to someone who cannot ethically accept it, it's worthwhile to ask about the company's tipping policy when you book the moving crew. Many companies, for example, will indicate that while tipping is not expected and that the decision to tip is entirely up to the discretion of the customer, there are no rules that prohibit the movers from accepting tips at the end of the job.

Tip Individually

If you've decided that you wish to tip the moving crew, provide your tips at the end of the day and in cash. Don't hand a pile of cash to one person with the request that it be distributed among his or her peers. It's a better strategy to tip each person individually and to also offer your verbal thanks at this time. It's appropriate to give each mover a tip between $10 and $20. The discrepancy between these two suggested amounts allows you to pick an amount with which you're comfortable and that reflects the service provided by the mover. Generally, customers choose to tip more for a crew that is conscientious about protecting their items and is also friendly with the family members.

Other Ways To Show Appreciation

Regardless of the amount that you decide to tip, there are some other ways to convey your thanks to the moving crew. Many customers opt to provide lunch for the crew if the move takes place over noon. At the very least, it's polite to have some refreshments on hand, especially if it's hot outside. Some chilled bottles of water, for example, can augment the tip that you choose to give.

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