When you're ready to move, you might be overwhelmed by all the things you need to do. The amount of money you need to use to pay for packing materials and moving costs might also be of some concern. Here are some things you can do during the moving process to keep costs down.

Get Your Moving Boxes for Free

You may already expect to have to purchase boxes to move your things. However, there are a number of ways you can find free boxes to use. If the company you work for uses paper, for instance, they are likely to order in bulk. You can ask your office manager about using the paper boxes that are delivered to your place of work each week.

You can also get in touch with managers at so-called big box stores to find out if they have boxes you can use. Typically, these stores receive product deliveries several times a month; many times, the boxes are recycled or placed near the trash dumpster. You might benefit from getting in touch with the managers so that they keep the boxes away from trash and ready for you to pick up at your leisure. You can also try contacting smaller local stores to find out if they will give you boxes, but smaller stores may not have as many deliveries and boxes for you to use.

Turn Off Services Early

When you move, you'll want to have internet, cable, and other services in your new home. However, that can be tricky, as you are probably still paying for those services in your current place. To save some money, it's a good idea to cut services and close down your accounts as soon as possible. That way, you aren't paying for services at your old and new place at the same time, and you aren't paying for a full month of service that you won't use.

Use Socks and Towels to Wrap Breakables

Instead of buying tissue paper and bubble wrap, you can save a little money by using towels and clean socks for your breakable belongings. Socks can be great for wrapping wine glasses, for example, and towels can be used to wrap porcelain figures. Because you need your socks and towels, you solve two problems at once; you're able to move those items while protecting some of your other things.

Use the ideas above to help you cut costs during your move to a new city. Talk to a few local moving companies and get moving quotes from each one so you can further save by hiring a moving company that is most affordable for you. You can also get quotes online from sites like http://www.bekins.com.