Many people rent space at a self-storage facility with the goal of storing their items for a period of months or even years. This option is ideal for those who have minimal space at home or who simply have an extensive array of possessions that requires ample storage room. Other people can often have needs that are more pressing; they might need a storage solution for one month or perhaps as little as a week or two. Not sure if a short-term storage situation would suit you? Here are three times at which renting a unit can come in handy on a short-term basis.

Dealing With A Deceased Love One's Estate

If you're the family member who is chiefly responsible for dealing with the estate of a loved one who has recently passed away, one of your biggest duties will be handling the person's possessions. While some things will be distributed according to the will, others will require evaluation before you decide to sell, donate or throw them out. Given that you likely don't want to relocate these things to your own home and that you'll be eager to get the person's house prepared for sale, a storage unit becomes an ideal short-term venue for such items.

Listing Your Home For Sale

When you put your home on the market and are getting ready for open houses and viewings, the last thing you want is for your space to appear cluttered. A space that looks small and cramped can lead to trouble selling your home. In this instance, it's ideal to transport the items that add clutter or that don't enhance the look of your home to a storage facility on a short-term basis. A little effort taken to make a handful of trips to the facility has the potential of translating into selling your home quicker and at a figure closer to your asking price.

Going Through A Separation

A separation is never an easy time for either party, and one of the challenges of dealing with this situation is to divide up the possessions. Given that both parties will be eager to get their housing situations figured out, whether one or both parties will be leaving the current home, it's ideal to move shared items into a storage space that each person can visit individually to take what is his or hers. The availability of this space can save potentially difficult encounters of having to visit your old home while your soon-to-be ex-spouse is still living there.