When you are placing items in storage, whether it is for the long term or just a short stay, how you pack the items will have a direct effect on the condition of your items when they are ready to be used again. You probably know the basics of what should and should not be placed in storage, but what you may fail to be attentive to is just how your smaller items are packed. There are a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind while you pack to keep your smaller stored items as protected as possible during transport, storage, and retrieval when you need your items once again. 

Do make sure that small breakables are properly protected. 

Instead of opting for loose filler material, such as foam packing peanuts or otherwise, make sure that small breakable items are rightly protected. Wrap each item individually with bubble wrap or even soft clothing, as this is the only way to keep each item from striking against something else in the box and causing damage. 

Don't under-fill your boxes that contain breakables. 

When you are in the process of placing small breakables in a container, regardless of whether they are wrapped individually or not, the less room the items have to shift and move, the better off they will be. Stuff each box full completely to the top and packaged tightly, even if it means adding extra padding in small bundles or rolls. 

Do invest in a good permanent marker for labeling every container. 

While you are picking up packing material at the store, grab a good, thick permanent marker that can be used to label every box that will contain your smaller items. Organization starts with the packing phase and having everything in a designated box will be a big help later on. Each box should be clearly inscribed with organizational terms or packing reminders, such as:

  • fragile or breakables
  • kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc. 
  • brief content description, especially for boxes with miscellaneous items. 

Don't waste your time on expensive labels and label makers. 

Those labels and label makers with an adhesive backing can be nice in some cases, but a lot of times all of the shifting around and movement of placing your items in storage will just leave adhesive labels torn off or damaged. Besides, it is much easier to just grab a marker and quickly add notes to every container for later reference. 

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