If you find that you simply have too many possessions in your home—and you're resistant to the idea of getting rid of them—you can benefit from renting a unit at a self-storage rental facility near where you live. This additional storage space means that you won't have to reduce the amount of your items and when you wish to retrieve something, it will only be a short drive away. Self-storage benefits far more people than those with surplus things. Many people find themselves in unique situations in which storage space in an issue and can benefit from visiting their local facility and renting a unit of an appropriate size. Here are three reasons you might need to take this approach.

Downsizing Your Home

When you reach an age at which you simply don't need a home as big as the one you're currently in, it's time to think about finding a smaller home or a condo. One of the biggest challenges of downsizing is that you'll often have more items than can comfortably fit in the new space—but you probably don't want to throw all these things out. A storage unit comes in handy in this situation. You'll be able to keep what you need, retrieve it with ease and enjoy an uncluttered new living space.

Extensive Seasonal Decorations

If you're the type of homeowner who goes all out at Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other seasonal holiday, you might have boxes upon boxes of decorations that need to be stored. It's not always practical to keep these items in your garage or basement, especially when you use them only once per year. You can often benefit from the rental of a storage unit. You can load this space will all your decorations—ideally grouping them together in the unit for easy retrieval when needed—and you won't have everything cluttering your home when it's not in use.

Death Of A Family Member

Homeowners often find themselves accumulating a wide range of household items upon the death of a family member. While you might hope to sort through these items quickly, the reality is that doing so can fall to the back burner when you're grieving and taking care of funeral and estate arrangements. To avoid overcrowding your home, it's useful to place all these newly acquired items in a storage unit. Look for a facility that has short-term rentals so you'll be motivated to deal with everything as soon as you're able.