If you are preparing for a move to a new home, and you have a barbecue grill that you use to cook meals and treats during warmer weather, you will most likely want to bring it along with you. Moving a barbecue grill can be done with little risk of damage to the unit if you take the time to package it properly. Here are some tips you can use to get your barbecue grill ready for the ride in a moving truck.

Clean The Barbecue Grill Before Disassembling And Packaging

It is important to clean down your barbecue grill in its entirety before you package it. Since grease spatters may be present within the unit, effectively removing them will ensure this material does not make its way onto any other of your belongings in the moving truck. This will also minimize the risk of a rodent or insect harboring inside for the ride. Make sure your grill has not been used for several hours before doing the cleaning process to decrease the chance of sustaining a burn.

Remove grease from the cooking grid with a mild detergent and grease scraping tool. These items can be found in the summer activity section of your local home goods store. Wipe down the lid's interior as well as any exterior surfaces with a mild detergent using a non-abrasive sponge. Rinse the barbecue grill and let it dry in a sunny area.

Remove Any Movable Parts To Package Separately

It is a good idea to disassemble your barbecue grill so any loose pieces are not at risk of become lost or scratching the interior of the unit while in transit. First, remove the propane tank or charcoal briquettes from the unit. Propane is a combustible material that should not be brought for the ride. Give this to a neighbor or have a recycling service come to your home to retrieve the tank. You can purchase a new one after getting to your new home. Charcoal can be put in your household trash.

Remove the cooking grid and wrap it in a piece of bubble wrap. Add a few inches of packing peanuts to the bottom of a cardboard box before setting this piece inside. If there are any removable cooking shelves, do the same process to protect them from wear. Add packing peanuts between each item you place in the box. If you have grilling utensils, wrap each one separately and place inside the box as well. Top the box with more packing peanuts, tape it shut, and label it appropriately so you will be able to locate your grill's pieces upon arrival at your new home.

Protect The Body Of The Barbecue Grill To Avoid Damage

Once your unit is clean and loose pieces are packaged, the main portion of the grill should be wrapped so it does not sustain damage or cause damage to other items in the moving truck. Use a moving blanket to wrap around the barbecue grill to keep it covered throughout the move. Secure the blanket with heavy-duty packing tape so it does not shift. It is important to make sure the wheels and handle are exposed so you can move the unit without restriction. 

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