Moving long distance can come with a lot of planning besides moving your items safely, mainly how you and your family will be comfortable during the trip. If you have cats and are planning on moving with them in the car or moving truck, you need to get familiar with a few tips for making them as comfortable as possible. Not only will these tips help keep the cats calmer during the trip, it will also make it less stressful for the driver.

Use Disposable Litter Boxes

Large litter boxes can be bulky and difficult to fit into your car or into the individual carriers, making it smart to look into an alternative. Disposable litter boxes are available at most pet stores and can easily squeeze into most carriers, providing your cats with a place to relieve themselves during long drives. While these boxes may not be the most comfortable since cats are typically very hygienic, it can help ensure that they are not stuck in a carrier with their own urine if they need to relieve themselves.

Invest in Large Cat Carriers

For your cats to be comfortable during the drive, it is recommended that you get a carrier that provides plenty of space for your cats to move around. When choosing carriers, make sure the height allows your cats to stand up easily and make sure it can be carried from the car to the hotel room each night without a problem. Whether you choose hard-sided or soft-sided, consider how heavy your cats are and what they would be most comfortable in.

Give Them a Familiar Scent

Along with choosing the right-sized carrier for your cats, look into adding a few things that smell familiar to their carrier. Some good examples include blankets, favorite toys, or even a piece of clothing. Something with your scent and the scent of home can help them relax during the drive.

Take Away Food and Water Early On

To avoid accidents while in the car, you need to make sure that any food or water is removed several hours before getting put in the carrier. While your cats may be unhappy about not eating or drinking during the drive, it will prevent them from needing to use the litter box frequently and being stuck in the carrier with their mess. When you arrive at a hotel for the night, provide them with food and water freely, but make sure to remove the dishes well before getting back on the road.

Bring a Sheet or Towel to Cover the Carriers

Being in a car can be scary for cats, especially if they are not familiar with the experience. To help reduce some of the stress for them, take away their view of the windows by placing a towel or sheet over the carriers. This can also help them sleep comfortably during the drive so that they are quiet and calm during the long-distance drive.

Keeping your cats happy can be difficult when moving across the country, but it can be made easier with a few tips. By keeping your cats in mind when preparing for the move, you can reduce stress and ensure that they arrive at your new home safely. 

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