When you are making a large move across the country with pets, preparing ahead of time for any problems that may arise can help make the move easier on you and your animals. Mapping out your route, locating lodgings that are pet friendly, and having the supplies you need for your pets for the length of your trip, will help you get to your new home smoothly. 

Use a Pet Barrier to Protect Your Pets While Traveling

While harnesses may be perfect for a short trip, you want to keep your pet's options for comfort open when you are traveling for a long distance. When you use a pet barrier to keep your pets in the back of the car, they can still move around and get into a comfortable position. Make sure that the pet barrier is installed properly, as having pets in your front seat can compromise your safety while driving.

Pack Enough Food, Then Double the Amount

Even when you think you have packed enough food to keep your pets happy during the trip, taking an extra bag with you isn't a bad idea. Make sure that you use the same type of pet food as you travel so that your pet has food that they are used to eating. Keep in mind that you should have portable water containers and water available to your pets throughout the journey.

Remember Your Pets Can't Tell Time

If you are moving across time zones, your pets aren't going to understand the time changes. Schedule in regular breaks throughout your trip, and feed your pet at timely intervals through the length of the ride. When the time changes, your pets don't know the difference. Keep your pets on a schedule with their food and water to make the trip go more smoothly.

Travel with a Buddy

If at all possible, travel with another person when you are moving pets across the country. If you fall ill, or if you need help with the pets, your buddy will be able to help you out. The last thing you need is to get sick and not have any help with your pets in a strange area.

Book Pet Friendly Hotels Ahead of Time

It isn't always easy to find pet friendly hotels, so doing your research and booking hotels ahead of time will make your trip go more smoothly. You will have organized breaks in your schedule, and you will know ahead of time where you are sleeping for the night.

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